Thursday, October 15, 2015

Yo-Yo Market

Very volatile market is known as Yo-Yo Market. It will have no distinguishing features of either an up or down market, taking on characteristics of both. Security prices in a yo-yo market will swing very high to low over a given period of time, making it difficult for buy and hold investors to profit.

Yo-yo markets can, however, be profitable environments for astute traders who are able to recognize buy and sell points and make trades before the market reverses. The name comes from the movements of a yo-yo, where security prices continually go up and down; a yo-yo market moves like its toy namesake.


  1. Very good blog explaining in details about investing and sharing about Indian Market. Useful info especially for beginners in stock market.

    Any ideas whether foreigner can invest in Indian Stock market?

  2. Yes, They can. Of course there are many Do's and Dont's.