Thursday, January 24, 2013

Why Invest in Mutual Fund?

Mutual Fund can be defined as an investment company that acquires funds from investors, and then invests the money in a diversified portfolio of investment securities. The mutual fund will have a fund manager who is responsible for investing the pooled money into specific securities. When you invest in a mutual fund, you are buying shares of the mutual fund and become a shareholder of the fund. Each scheme of a mutual fund can have different character and objectives. Mutual funds issue units to the investors, which represent an equitable right in the assets of the mutual fund.

If you do not want to go in for a risky venture and have security for the amount invested. You would want to maximize your returns on investment. or if you may not have the time or knowledge to actively manage your money. In this case, you would want a professionally managed firm to look after your investment needs and spend in profitable avenues. Mutual funds offer a safer way to reach your goals.They are a convenient and cost effective method of obtaining diversification and professional management. They generally buy and sell securities in volume, which allows investors to benefit from lower trading, management and research costs. Fund performance is subject to frequent reviews by various publications and rating agencies, making it possible for investors to conduct direct comparisons between funds.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Classification of Mutual Funds

By Structure:
  1. Open-ended scheme
  2. Closed-ended scheme
  3. Interval schemes
 By Investment Objective:
  1. Growth schemes
  2. Income schemes
  3. Balanced schemes
  4. Money Market schemes
Other Schemes:
  1. Tax saving schemes
  2. Special schemes
  3. Index schemes
  4. Sector specific schemes