Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Stocks to Invest: SBI

The ‘SBI (State Bank of INDIA) group’ which consists of many subsidiaries and joint ventures both from banking and non banking sectors is the largest loan provider for people and business in India. According to the SBI’s website the bank has 4713 branches in India, operates 21,000 ATMs and has 180 offices in 34 countries as on June 30th 2011. Logically, the bank holds high amount of Current Account Savings Account deposits which carries lower interest liability. This has helped the bank to give loans at the most competitive rates in India.
With many subsidiaries and a variety of financial services such as insurance, mutual funds, merchant banking, credit cards, factoring, stock broking, pension fund management etc and with spreading business in every nook and corner of India, it would be hard to beat this bank in terms of revenues. Also Government of India’s has holding of approximately 60% in the bank. SBI always stands in an advantageous position with the government being its main promoter.

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